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Launch of a new product line. Formation of knowledge: " «Lipton» - a quality product. "

We organized and conducted the camera shooting to LIPTON FACTORYIN ST.Petersburg.

All material was filmed by six cameras, and on that basis has been developed a great virtual tour. We put it on the website Also for the site was created an encyclopedia of tea, sections with a long history and brand information about new products of Lipton.

The next stage of the campaign was the quest "Become a connoisseur of tea!"

For its successful passage it was necessary to see virtual tours and answer to the questions as quickly as possible. The winner received a year's supply of tea and a ticket for a tour of the factory "Lipton" in St. Petersburg. This way we solved the problem of involving audience and greatly increased the number of views a virtual tour.

To attract the attention of young people towards the new product line "Lipton" we have developed an application «Share your mood» («Vkontakte»).

Mechanical application is very simple. After installing the application, user see the main page on which it is proposed him to take the test. Participants answered three simple questions by choosing one of three options. And they advised what flavor of tea "Lipton" is closest to their mood.

For example, the test showed that the participant has a great mood, and he's happy. So Green tea Mandarine Orange – «Rich taste orange peel and tangerine combined with large leaves of green tea of the highest quality make you smile even happier!" fits the bill to him. And then on the avatar party "fall" juicy fruits. Results provided 27 options and 20 status design options avatars. Anyone who saw another message on the wall of his mood, can click on the name of the application or on the picture. Then pop up will open with the full results of the test and the proposal to pass this test.

For knowledge ABOUT HIGH fabrication properties "Lipton" WE DEVELOPED A FLASH-GAMES..

Its are additional levels of popular social networking game «Farm Frenzy». The player needs to grow, process and give for packing tea. Taking a virtual tour of the factory, gain new knowledge, and then uses them to increase their ranking. Games were integrated with social networks VKontakte, Classmates, MoiMir.

Nectarin / The Family

Oleg Matiyhov
Alexandra Breus
Konstantin Kotriahov
Olga Levinson
Aleksey Kokoylin
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