It’s quite trivial and boring to discuss successful cases. It proves to be more efficient and enthralling to study failures and mistakes, to figure out what went wrong, and to profit from these fails.


Denis Shapkarin, Managing Partner of Nectarin Online Advertising Agency, has turned his epic fail report into an off-the-beaten-track presentation on user psychology. As a part of their research, the agency has entered into agreement with Alyona Vodonaeva, a famous Russian blogger and TV host. She had to post information on the release of a new fragrance on her pages in social media. The post had a picture of the bottle of fragrance and a photograph of Alyona.

The experiment proved exceedingly efficient – the post got thousands of likes and comments within the first 24 hours. The users commented on what kind of fragrance they expected it to be. Had this news been posted on behalf of a brand representative, such stunning results could hardly have been achieved. It is indicative of the significant – and even leading – role played by people, not brands, in social media.


It does not mean that there is no room for brands in social media. The conclusion made by Nectarin Agency is simple: to ensure efficient SMM-communication, the brand shall speak a “human language”, not the language of press-releases and quarterly reports; it shall communicate with its users in groups, respond to negative feedback and cooperate with its audience – and each of the brand users individually.

In an interview to Denis Shapkarin, Alyona Vodonaeva told him how she got to be a successful blogger, how much time she spends in social networks, and what she does to remain interesting for her fans.


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