In July Nectarin logo won the Most Efficient category of the logo competition.

Logo_nectarin new logo competition provides a unique opportunity to receive a ‘popular’ logo evaluation as an integral part of a brand’s or enterprise’s actual reputation. The victory in the competition is defined by both those who make logos and those whom they are made for. In July Nectarin’s logo won in the Most Efficient category.

“It is important to convey to the person who looks at our logo what we later called the ‘buttons concept’”, recollects the initial stages of the logo designing the agency’s Managing Partner Denis Shapkarin. “Ground zero of all Internet users’ activities related to advertising is clicks and buttons. No matter if it is about banner click-throughs or contextual advertising links, 2.0 sharing-buttons or sending messages and questionnaires, purchases or registrations – all that is contingent on one action – clicking the needed button”. The ‘needed button’ idea served the basis for Nectarin’s logo and overall corporate identity. Each of the buttons which form the logo implies positive feedback and – through the latter – efficiency of the brand’s advertising. It is efficiency constantly strived for (as one team, at that) by both the client and the agency. For more details see


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