Nectarin completed the preliminary stage and launched the promotion.


Nectarin’s patron 20th Century Fox film corporation is ready for the first display of its new action drama August Eighth. The agency’s task was to inform maximum number of people about the movie and facilitate ticket sales.

The movie is based on real life events which took place in South Ossetia 3.5 years ago. The movie’s salient feature was usage of 3D robots.

The agency decided to bring that move to everyone’s attention as well as to get the audience involved in discussion of the characters.

It was decided that the promotion of August Eighth would be carried out via social media and the main promotion tools were banners, competitions and videos. To increase the campaign’s efficiency Olga Levinson, the Nectarin SMM Manager, urged Ilya Maddyson to write a review though he had stopped to make movie announcements. Apart from the planned activities a Client is entitled to bonus placements. Preparations to the campaign started in January, 2012, the work’s completion is expected by the end of this March. As usual, Nectarin’s project team did an excellent job which is bound to affect the movie’s box office performance.


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