Nectarin won the tender for children’s department store chain promotion in social media.


In February, 2012 Nectarin was invited to take part in a tender run by the department store chain. The competitors were seeking the right to supervise social media support of Detsky Mir (Children’s World) advertising campaign.

Within extremely short terms we prepared an offer on efficient SMM: analyzed the initial data, obtained good price reductions and bonuses, filed all the requested documents and collected clients’ favorable comments. The effort was not wasted and Nectarin entered the second round with four other participants.

Within only 48 hours the Strategic Planning Department prepared an SMM-cases-supplied presentation and delivered it in a lively and bright manner. The Nectarin team not only showed what activities it intended to carry out, but also explained what technologies would enable it to achieve the set objectives. This approach proved beneficial and the Children’s World tender committee granted to Nectarin the right to run the advertising campaign.

“We won as the most attractive and confident professionals. Our appearance is consistent with the work we do. We are from the digital world and everyone saw that much without saying. The tender committee was amused and interested and it trusted us” – tells Peter Troitsky, the Nectarin Chief Strategy Officer.

Nectarin is coming up with large-scale activities in three social networking services, so the Children’s World’s 55th anniversary is bound to be known to everyone.


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