20.01.2014First Digital Auction

On December 6, the first digital auction in Russian advertising history took place in the restaurant “Digits” (“Tsifry”). For an evening, the venue in the very center of Moscow turned to an American casino in 1930s style.

To the jazz orchestral accompaniment, the restaurant “Digits” opened its doors for dozens of guests which compound crème de la crème of Russian advertising industry. Each of them received at entrance a million of gambling rubles, and additional money could be won by answering the sophisticated questions of the host or participating in different games – roulette, poker or roach races.

16 grounds presented their special projects to the guests. After the presentation, bidding began when guests made their bids on the specific lot. As a results, the special projects were purchased for the following sums:

1. Nemimo, 1 000 000
2. Mediatoday, 1 200 000
3. Jobsmarket, 2 300 000
4. Axel Springer, 4 000 000
5. KupiKupon, 3 100 000
6. LovePlanet, 3 300 000
7. Zoon, 1 500 000
8. Auditorius, 4 500 000
9. Adotube, 1 000 000
10. PH Igromedia, 1 000 000
11. Boomstarter, 12 000 000
12. Snob, 4 000 000
13. Admify, 4 500 000
14. HeadLiner, 11 000 000
15. Geometria, 7 000 000
16. Imhonet, 12 000 000

All presentations aroused the guests’ vivid interest, bids on several lots exceeded 10mln rubles. The guests got to know much more about media possibilities of the grounds which found, in turn, potential clients.

From time to time, the auction was being interrupted by a stand-up comedian who carried on an easy conversation with the crowd about family life contributing to the positive atmosphere of the event.

Having covered kilometers of Moscow traffic jams, a much-anticipated guest arrived to the First Digital Auction – Martin Johnston, brilliant speaker and co-owner of Brainstore company. In his speech, he compared advertising in Russia and other countries. The speech evoked impetuous discussions, the speaker got many questions from the audience and gave full-fledged answers for all of them.

The event had warm and very professional atmosphere and finished long after midnight. All guests were satisfied and were unanimous to decide that the digital auction should become a regular event.


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