19.01.2014New year corporate party in Nectarin agency

Nectarin agency has celebrated the New Year in style set against picturesque landscapes of Podmoskovye nature.

Even on the eve of the winter holiday, our workers decided not to just relax in a merry and friendly group but invent also something unusual and creative. The holiday started from team building. Our guys chose up sides and began competing. In reality, nobody thought about victories, wins and other such things, because the main sense of such events is to spend time excellently and get to know better the people you are working with every day.

Shoulder to shoulder, press tribe, creative people, account managers and strategists played team games, competed in speed, strength, stamina and artifice. In the end, every competitor was happy to know that he or she works with people he or she can rely in every circumstances and in every weather.

Then, all events moved from the street to a warm and cozy restaurant. The first persons of the company addressed the employees. The executive director of the agency, Denis Shapkarin, told about successes and plans for the future, congratulated everybody with holidays and charged everyone with positive emotions for the whole year. In the spirit of merriness and great mood, the party continued and finished long after night.


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