On November 28 the Maybelline NY Digital CEO Mattyas Van Der Putten gave a presentation at Nectarin agency.

He gave an account of how Maybelline brand works in social media and on the Internet. He shared with the audience his views on the digital industry and methods of successful digital-based promotion.

Маттиас ван Дер Путтен

The speaker immediately indicated his brand’s leadership not only in the beauty industry but also on the Internet. Maybelline NY has 36 websites throughout the world which are visited by 25.2 million people, 48 Youtube channels with 43.6 million with 43.6 million views and 60 social media profiles with 17.5 million fans. All this success has been achieved due to the brand’s wise digital promotion policy. Mattyas Van Der Putten singled out the most efficient trends he relies on in his work:

1. The brand’s website should not be neglected. Social media are awesome but the company’s website is not less important. It is the place where a guest can get any information on the brand and purchase the goods which he liked.

2. Facebook is not a universal solution. It may be the world’s most popular social media but the recent statistics bring home the important fact that Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat boast huge audiences and notably disrupt the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg’s creation.

3. Content is above all in the social media. Whatever you may invent along the promotion lines, no success should be expected without interesting content. But that is not all either. The more content you make available via totally different social media the bigger is the scope and interest of your audience.

Mattyas Van Der Putten went on to tell about the brand’s digital promotion strategy. It splits into three stages:

• Preceding the product launch (activities of the brand advocates).

• During the product launch (instruction, engagement and trial purchase encouragement).

• Following the product launch (conversion into purchase).

This strategy establishes the circle of customers’ loyalty, where each element is designated to form the needed customer’s viewpoint and prompt certain actions.

The speaker emphasized the utmost importance of PR activities. For example, brand advocates (bloggers, celebrities, stylists) establish the required emotional attitude and attract the subscribers’ attention to the brand. Commercials which show usual women using the make-up inspire trust in the brand. And celebrities’ activities in social media enable the new product to immediately become not only well-known but also much-desired.

In the end of his presentation Mattyas Van Der Putten pointed out the importance of high-tech applications. With their aid people can use the product in the virtual way in every part of the world and then purchase it.

After the presentation the guest was treated to a guided tour around the agency during which he highly appreciated the peculiar favorable psychological climate in digital agencies and the interesting people working there.

Маттиас ван Дер Путтен

Маттиас ван Дер Путтен


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