Nectarin agency is delighted to bring to your attention new case for Meller company which we carried out together with Family company.


To increase the brand awareness, establish communication with young and active audience and advertise a new product - Meller Mint, Nectarine chose a website game with unconventional mechanics and extensive social media employment. We found this perfect for establishing the brand’s communication with the audience which does not tolerate boredom and is yearning for new discoveries and strong emotions.

It started with conducting of a focus group which elicited and interesting association of Meller target audience with special agents. This idea proved to be the inspiration source for the future campaign.

The conducted tender ended up with Nectarin’s creative concept being chosen as the best coverage of the special agents and secret missions topic. An adventure game was launched on website inviting the participants to join a secret service and check their stress resistance. When playing the adventure the player faces numerous unusual and very interesting tasks. All of them are funny and utterly absurd, so it takes a lot of resourcefulness and nerve to complete them. For instance, the user may be required to calm down a yelling woman or deactivate a bomb bound to explode in a few seconds.

Each task is considerably stressful and may become an ordeal even for those with the strongest nerves. If one does not know what to do when meeting Six-Shooter Harry or proves inadequate to drop by parachute above a city, one must just eat a Meller chew and the situation will be solved in a most favorable way. On passing through all the ordeals the player gets his or her psychological profile. The project is supported by Vkontakte and Facebook social network services, where the users receive weekly tasks for the agents. On completing a mission they publish their reports. The players showing the best results are rewarded.

The creative team consisted of:
Account Group Head – Olga Mordan
Art-Director – Anastasia Vaymar
Digital Strategic Planner – Sergey Streltsov
Senior SMM Manager – Evgeny Rusinov
Copywriter – Sergey Kokarev
Contextual Manager – Dmitry Sheyanov

Creative Director – Konstantin Kotryakhov
Producer – Ilya Borodin
Lead- Developer – Alexander Malyshev

Project team:
Marketing Manager – Elena Piskunova
Senior Brand Manager – Alla Chumachenko
Junior Brand Manager – Аnastasia Zotova

It is yet too early to draw a line, as a lot of work is yet to be done: launching three levels of the game and work with audience. And after Level 7 there will be a surprise for everyone. Which exactly? Patience, ladies and gentlemen, you will know everything by the end of the year. All we have for now is recognition of the audience and the customer.

Olga Mordan, the Group Head:

“This is one of the most exciting projects, we got really dedicated to it and wedded to what we do. The spirit of adventure and an intellectual touch proved infectious even for us the developers. There is yet a long way ahead of us and I’m sure that the consumers will share our fervor and pay tribute to the job we’ve done.

Good luck, everyone, love what you do just as much as we came to love the Meller project”.

The project was already written about by Adindex and Advertology:
And here you can make your own opinion of the adventure.
We are sure that you will like it.


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