From now on millions of people will not only listen to the music and watch the videos of their favorite music star, but also develop loyalty to your brand!


It may come true due to Nectarin’s recently introduced service “Your product in a celebrity music video”. Make your order right now.

Product placement is among the most efficient marketing communications tools. Nowadays virtually no high-budget movie or music video of any popular singer can do without big brands participation. This market has a turnover of billions of dollars. A one-second-long screen appearance of a brand can yield more results than a much more expensive and harder-to-place commercial. It should also be kept in mind that technically product placement is not advertising and is therefore exempt from respective restrictions (such as the ban on tobacco and alcohol advertising).

That accounts for the growing popularity of this service – product placement can now be seen not only in movies, but also in music videos, books, computer games. However, intensity of ad sponsors’ efforts in this field used to be limited by the complexity of efficiency evaluation. It was hard to estimate the number of an ad’s viewers and their response. Modern technologies provide easy solution to this problem. The new Nectarin’s service combines the advantages of product-placement with those of ATL advertising. It consists in placing a product or a trademark in music videos of popular performers with their subsequent promotion in social media and Internet video services.


1. Transparent pricing (highly developed Youtube and Google statistics system);
2. Efficient monitoring (planning based on ensured demonstrations);
3. Absence of legal restrictions (product placement cannot be formally attributed to advertising).

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