Nectarin advertising agency treated its clients to a New Year Digital Quest.

Nectarin online advertising agency thought outside the box in organizing the New Year celebration for its clients. In the agency’s office the clients’ team was offered to go by a 7-stages route. Each stage was portraying the advertising agency everyday work. The quest started in the Sales office, where they were challenged to sell to the devil – the Sales Department Head – their soul by advertising it with Internet terminology like coverage, clicks, affinity, etc. At the end of each stage based on the ordeal’s results the team would receive a chip denominating a life.

Next went the Analytics stage. In the room there was a blanket-covered man lying on a table whose inner parts were analyzed by a doctor in the digital advertising manner. On completing the analysis a volunteer had to look for a chip in on of the jars.

Creative room of the strategists with hookahs and cannabis.

Then the guests would proceed to the shaman’s Accounts Office, where a shaman with a drum would offer to play charades and tell the clients as the agency’s accounts wriggle, dance and otherwise do their best to be understood by other departments.

The final stage was the office where a participant had to win a computer game battle against the agency’s Managing Partner Denis Shapkarin.

After coming out of all the ordeals the participants moved to the center of the hall where they were met by all the company’s stuff and a big bushy fir-tree.

At the Christmas tree decoration master class the participants were required to make their own decorations and hang them on the tree.

The evening’s climax was the song “The Best Brief Is A Wordless Brief” sang by a children’s choir.


Special photo-report from Nectarin’s DIGITAL MUSEUM by


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