Within Inneov advertising campaign, Nectarin Online Advertising Agency created an idea of the first-ever Russian battle between Odnoklassniki and VKontakte social media.


The results showed which of the two networks haв ladies with the most beautiful hair among its users. We never failed to rejoice in a stunning amount of braids and fringes, as well as simply gorgeous hair.

Thick healthy hair and creative hair-dos are an excellent criterion; big wars start small – but wowable. The project bids fair to be grandiose!

To become Miss Inneov Russia, and to get to the TOPBEAUTY magazine, sign up at and startle everyone with your dazzling hairdo. To take part in the project, you shall pick your favourite social network, sign in and post a photo of yours with your beautiful hair or a hair-do, and say a couple of words about yourself. All project participants have a chance to gain additional points by getting their friends to vote, posting a photo with an Inneov product, or posting a review.

But that’s not it! In this battle, everyone will get to know which of the two social media – Odnoklassniki or VKontakte – may boast of users with the most beautiful hair. The more points each of the networks receives, i.e. all its participants get in total, the higher is its team score and its rating.


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