In the ‘Titanic 3D’ promotional campaign the Agency asked the Runet users to ‘change history’.


It has been a grandiose project carries out by Nectarin for 20th Century Fox CIS. We opened a two-page promotion website styled after a newspaper of the beginning of the 20th century. On the first page, the visitors were invited to vote for Titanic’s fate, and on the second one they could see the vote result, and share it via their social network.

The campaign efficiency exceeded all expectations, and the statistics has broken the record. With the promotion campaign launched exclusively on the Internet – via banners and social media, we have reached a CTR of 1.29% and involved 3,120,864 users.

By the way, the majority voted to have Titanic saved. Only 6,491 out of 26,995 voters refused to change history. The number of visitors reached 43,269 in just two weeks.

Alexander Kovalenko, Digital Director for 20th Century Fox CIS, says that these figures are indicative of the excellent choice of sites for promotion.


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