Nectarin provides clients a new product menu

Denis Shapkarin

We have packed digital solutions into 30 ready-made products within 7 different internet advertising disciplines.

Nectarin's experience is proof that there is a ready-made product for each and every online marketing goal, including even the most difficult tasks. Just choose which tools are most appropriate for your goals and define the scale of your advertising campaign. Results, terms and cost of services are crystal clear and the package selection process should be quick. To learn more about our menu products, listen to the managing partner of Nectarin agency – Denis Shapkarin, the chief strategy officer – Petr Troitsky, and media director – Alexey Gertsik.

Denis Shapkarin, managing partner of Nectarin

There is a global problem in the market. It's caused by the fact that digital advertising has a lot of tools which are not structured in any way. For clients, starting an advertising campaign in digital advertising is a Pandora's box: they don’t know what is going to happen, which tools they should use, or how to measure the results. Very often we come across this problem while tendering and meeting with clients. Every time we have to do it again: describe what media planning is and what media plans there are. Quite a while ago I was studying some business ideas from the company IKEA which inspired me to create a structure which would help any client choose not only a service of our agency, but a product as a whole which would be comprehensible, final, crystal clear and would meet the customer’s needs. Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA’s founder, liked order and brevity, and it helped him build such an enormous empire. He wanted furniture to be easy and knock-down. Everyone told him that it would be impossible, but finally he did it, and now IKEA is one of the most popular companies in the world. The basis of his work is simplicity and convenience; the person choosing something for their home has a simple choice with lots of useful, easy options.

We finally decided that all the services we provide should have a well-defined structure. We decided to create 7 main areas of focus. They are analytical service, strategic service, creative service, media service, production, client service and content service. We deliberately call these areas services. Each of the services contains products. What are the products? They're a combination of certain blocks. The resulting products that we offfer you are easily comprehensible, finalized and standartized.

Since clients have simple understandable packages, they realize that they have some a certain amount of budget to use which is necessary to create a certain media pressure. They realize their competitors are, and which media tasks are necessary to solve. They realize the cost of objective contact, and the size of the core audience to be covered. Knowing all this, the client simply opens a menu of the agency, finds the product which precisely solve their goals, and makes a selection.

We create a finalized product, so we get a product of predictably high quality. We know the terms of its production, and we can predict what clients will get in the end. The client can take this product and go to any agency to order advertising, since the strategy contains the detailed plan what to do. We see it as a very comprehensible, finalized, simple set of tools which is clear and understandable at a glance yet meets the client's needs.

We are planning to develop our menu, adding new interesting tools. The current instruments are structured in such a way so they can be updated and continually improved. We want to make Russian internet marketing more clear and automated.

Petr Troitsky, Nectarin's Chief Strategy Officer

The idea behind the our agency's product menu appeared very quickly and stemmed from several very simple key ideas. We are sure that the two main words for the advertising business, and digital marketing is not an exception, are “product” and “project”. We sell the best products and project products to a high quality. Every time we receive briefs in a meeting with our clients, the very first question is “Which product would you like from our agency?” It seems strange but quite often clients can’t answer this question. The problem is that a lot of words are used irresponsibly by Russian marketing consultants. Each of them decides for themselves what the strategy is, what the tactics are, what the concept is… So we agreed to show on our site what our conception is for each of our product. We speak the same language inside the agency, this language we want to speak with our clients. And here is the key to our sustainability, and it may seem strange: sincerity and professionalism in our client communication. Our menu is the internal vocabulary of names of specific products of the agency. These products we develop on an everyday basis and all projects of Nectarin are projected towards the efficient, effective execution of the products.

The Strategic Planning Department and Creative Department create and control the execution of positions from our menu, such as online communication strategy, media strategy and creative strategy. The largest and most dificult, but also the most interesting, product is the communicative strategy. It requires that the specialists nearly nearly every department to be involved. Speaking more precisely, the largest project team would be created for this product: communicative strategist, digital media strategist, art director, copywriter, media planner. One of our digital professionals would become the project leader, and all the others would contribute to the creation of the product. Those who don’t provide project leaders with ample support to produce a high quality product will never become leaders themselves. These people, though, just won’t survive with us.

A communication strategy always answers most of a client's questions. It always contains analysis of the digital profiles of a client’s audience: who the online audience is, which segments this audience consists of, etc. And nothing simply appears out of the blue. We follow trends, are dedicated to using all databases, and read reports of renowned international trendwatchers. We show all the sources of our insights concerning targeted audiences. Also the strategy contains estimation of competitive communications in Runet and analysis of the most important cases in USA and Europe. We realized a long time ago that we should learn from our colleagues outside our highly beloved Motherland. It gives us more insights and inspiration. Geographical mobility has always helped intellectual breakthroughs, and we stimulate it by all possible means. We always pay careful attention to the client’s USP'sfrom the beginning. We emphasize the brand message, create a pool of ideas and creative concepts and we tell in detail our plan for the online execution of the campaign.

We think that digital marketing, unlike offline communication, is not made for the classical algorithm of division of creative and strategic services. Strategists and creative people should live together in digital advertising, since new formats are born every day, and forms or new platforms often dictate the content. This is the product which is born inside our friendly and professional crew of strategists, planners and creative peoples. It has already led us to great victories. We are the creative technologists of your victories, our dear clients! And we have created our menu to speak the same language with you from the very beginning of the way to your victory!

Alexey Gertsik, Nectarin's Media Director

We propose in our new menu three very tasty media products: easy, medium and hard media campaigns. These products solve the task of tactical media planning and are by nature off-the-peg individual solutions for clients. The ready-made products consist of a detailed media plan of positioning of banner ads on internet sites, mobile platforms and in social media, presentations demonstrating the main principles of creating the media plan, media tactical solutions and demonstrations of formats. The basis of our products is our real-life experience of running digital campaigns. The history of previous campaigns is thoroughly collected and stored by the agency multi-leveled regularities for sites and formats can be defined on its basis, and KPIs can be forecasted with minimum errors.

Using these products of the Nectarin cuisine, the agency’s clients can meet their goals of forming the brand reputation and image, the goals of rational presentation of the product, stimulation of sales and other goals of digital marketing.

The main value of such products is having an individual solution for every client, affordable prices and guaranteed execution of all KPIs when implementing reach, CPC, CPM and ROI.

The main peculiarity of Nectarin's media products is that all our planned KPIs are reached. Possibly the main value of media planners preparing these products is knowing where to place the advertising with maximum efficiency yet with minimum cost and completion of all planned KPIs. Our crew consists of real digital people who know when and how to press the right buttons. We propose the detailed briefing for each client addressing our agency for the first time. We analyze the needs of the client and propose the optimal product for them.

Often we receive clients who need a profound professional digital expertise. Using our products, nearly 100% of digital marketing communications goals in digital areas can be solved. It’s a pleasure for us to share our opinions and experience.

The basis of the product classification accepted (easy, medium or hard) is the difficulty level. The number of positions in the media plan, the budget, difficulty of formats, possible irregular solutions and special projects, all these factors define the classification of the media product. You can see the figures and detailed description of the product on the website in the chapter “What we are doing”.

The most popular media product is, in reality, the “hard” media campaign. And it is not just a coincidence. The product is a difficult multi-flight detailed media plan with irregular media solutions and special projects designed on the basis of a unified media platform by the agency.

The product menu with such precise classifications was made for convenience and was designed to save the time of our clients. A detailed description of our products makes their choice simpler. We are an open-minded agency, and we tend to remove all barriers between clients and our “kitchen”, showing them inside, so they can get more useful information and can easily get oriented in the digital world.

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