Digital: Young but Demanding

Sergey Shulga

Nectarin's Head of HR Sergey Shulga talks about personal specifications and peculiarities of different generations.

Working in digital advertising is a continuous personal challenge for profesiionals,because it's one of the most rapidly developing areas in advertising. It’s no secret that only professionals who are fast, precise and confident in their actions, who really love advertising and the internet can work under continuous strain and in constantly changing situations. Only someone who loves their profession can find and uncover inside themselves the additional motivation needed to get their second wind, their inspiration and work efficiently under severe deadlines.

The depth of evolving digital functionality never decreases;  every day it becomes more complex and interconnected. Also, the internet users are becoming more advanced, demanding new ways of content demonstration, so everything must be well managed. As in any other advertising medium, digital ad specialists also must look for new approaches to satisfy varying groups of customers.

Which skills should a digital advertising specialist have?

Speaking of skills concerning some specific tools or intellectual resources, digital advertising requires the skill of continuous self-development, the willingness to learn more and more. This skill evolves from the very specifics of digital advertising, such as the appearance of new tools. With our driven staff, we're capable of providing demanding clients with the most current tools, so that they are always prepared for new digital conditions and can continuously adapt to make the most of current resources. 

Veni, vidi, vici.

The trend of the modern generation could be illustrated by the simple example of a donkey and a carrot. If people born between 1973  and 1983 know that there can be huge cap between a carrot and a donkey consisting of several tasks and complexities which nonetheless have to be overcome, the generation between 1983 to the 2000s prefers to concentrate on the carrot. They are drunk and charmed by the smell. They taste it and forget about the barriers.

Nowadays, hardly anyone is interested in the process, everybody wants to see the result. The ways to reach it are not important, the result is the only thing which matters. I call this principle a struggle for result. If a man likes the very process of work, it is unfortunately not a thing the market needs.

More results, less work.

This skill is inextricably connected with important qualities such as continual self-improvement and the willingness to work for the result. Only through these is it possible to completely realize the working principles of this formula. By improving work skills and getting more experience, one eventually arrives at the state, where the quality of work improves and one can do it in less time increasing the efficiency of your own actions.

Diploma cum laude in addition to magic

Trade education in digital advertising is now secondary, because at this stage the education in the area of internet advertising is not very well developed in our country. When we see the item “education”, we look possibly for universities from the top-10 of our country. After that, the mode of study is eevaluated (full-time or part-time, public or private).

Most people who have reached some heights in digital advertising have usually realized its principles by learning from seasoned colleagues or by internet surfing, trying to find something original and interesting by considering the experience of our western colleagues.

Digital advertising is the trade of the inquisitive. If you, as a digital advertising specialist, are not interested in new solutions within the market of internet advertising, it’s time to comb your beard and write memoirs. You’ve lost yourself as a professional.

The diploma cum laude is a pleasant addition, because it's a demonstration of single-mindedness just like a school gold medal. Specific, though probably small, victories revealed in the summary are a great plus. Odd as it is, sports commitments and participation in competitions will also play into your hands; they demonstrate your longing to keep the path, your level of ambitions and perfectionism. Unfortunately, summaries mostly don’t reveal any of this.

The continuity of the summary is an important requirement during our examination. The work experience, for instance, should not be contradictory. Of course, in our younger years many of us usually try to find ourselves, and the diversity of work experience expands immensely. Even psychologists and sociologists don’t recommend settling on a specific activity until the 3rd year of university. But it's important to understand that after that you shouldn’t simply try something new, but instead try to make a conscious selection of a profession. The modern generation is dynamic and sequential though, and this is also a plus.

An HR specialist is also interested in the starting age of a work career. The earlier a person begins working, the faster they adapt to a working environment. For instance, if you started working in the 2nd year of education, you would be a cooler specialist than your neighboring student who just read textbooks. Of course books are important, but business is an activity requiring specific skills which can be developed well in the working process.

Ethical and democratic digital advertising

Yes, digital advertising is really democratic, but one's digital presence should correspond with the situation. This approach is similar to the approach to a portfolio that should correspond with an office you’d like to work in. For a person working inside the office, the dress code is not relevant. If this person is meeting clients, a dress code should be obeyed, although probably some of my colleagues would have other opinions. The advertising business has a reputation of resembling a holiday and of having a wow-effect. Movies and books shape the image of an advertising person in a dressy shirt and a bonnet with rhinestones. In some cases, such behavior can work to your advantage, but it is necessary to remember that such a presence won’t conceal incompetence.

Informal questions and stress resistance

I must say from the beginning that no interviews are held in our company. I personally dislike the terms “colloquy” or “interview”. We schedule a meeting with each candidate, and the meeting is held as a free interlocution. In the conversation, the candidate talks about themselves, and I as HR read all the necessary information.

I’ll say once again, that digital advertising is young and democratic. The employee is not a rivet or a part of some large machine. They are a personality ready to work in the area in spite of internal complication, and they strive to reach a solution within a group task framework; vibrant employees reveal the new possibilities of cutting-edge technologies that are needed for our clients to win.

Despite my experience of working in different HR areas, I understand that the list of my questions to the candidate really hasn’t changed. From time to time, from one business to another, the motivation structures change, other important skills appear, but the questions don’t change. Sometimes I ask original or irrelevant questions, but this is because I’m interested in the person sitting in front of me. Yes, I’m interested in every candidate. I can communicate for two hours or just for half an hour. Everything depends on the set of skills and the requirements to of position I need to assess.

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