Pre-project research service

Research is one of the essential stages proceeding the project kickoff.

The experts in the Strategy Department segment the audience according to various criteria and select the most effective method of online communication, as well as the tactic of dealing with barriers and drivers of the client's audience. When conducting the research, we use TNS, YouScan, IqBuzz, Yandex, Google Analytics data, as well as open source surveys and client data.


Analysis of a digital profile of client's audience  
The audience volume – what real volume of audience can be distributed through the media pressure  
The audience structure – how target audience is segmented and what groups it consists of  
Social and demographic characteristics of target audience: sex, age, social status, etc.  
Preferences – what preferences and values are peculiar to target audience  
What web-sites the audience of the client is most concentrated on  
Frequency of using the Internet and access to the network point  
Factors of making decision on purchase – the analysis of drivers and barriers of target audience  
The analysis of the current online-communications of competitors – positioning strategy, search visibility ( activities are analyzed up to 10 companies of the competitors, fixed at the moment of the project)  
Content analysis of blogs and social communities  
The analysis of the grocery proposal of the client on the basis of information received from it, information from open sources, information from databases of the sindikativ researches TNS M'Index  
Analysis of appeal manner of  audience to a product or a brand of the client  
Analysis of seasonality of consumption of products  
Analysis of internal counters of the client and traffic conversion  
Delivery time: 10 days
Price: 100 000 rub



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