Social Media and Mobile Applications

Applications serve as promotional sites in social media and mobile devices. There are various types of applications: games, tests, videos and interactive applications.

They’re used in social networks and have great potential in terms of user database formation since users provide a lot of personal information when signing up.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Selection the examples of the best cases      
Description of the concept 1 version 2 version 2 version
Specification creation      
Design concept creation 1 version 2 version 2 version
Creation of design main and internal pages 1 version 3 version 5 version
Animation up to 1 minute up to 5 minutes up to 5 minutes
Programming and imposition up to 5 parts up to 10 parts up to 20 parts
Adaptation of client's content      
Application adaptation for five social networks and mobile devices 2 5 5
Minimal preparing of new content      
Preparing of new content, including photo and video      
Test and application launch      
Supporting whithin 2 weeks      
Delivery time (working days): 15 30 45
Price: from  300 000
to 1 mil. rub
from 1 mil.
to 2 mil. rub
from 2 mil. rub



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