Banners are used to get the advertisement message across to the audience on websites.

Banners can be a place to tell your audience about a unique selling proposition, a promotional offer, or to increase brand awareness. There are over 50 types of banners today. Modern technologies allow us to integrate a video, an interactive game and even branding into a banner. We’ve got all the resources required to produce banners of various types.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Design  1 version 2 version 3 version
Script (3versions)      
Animation minimum compound compound
Interactive script      
Resizes to 5 to 10 to 15
Banners with non-standard size (screenglydes, rollovers ets.)      
Delivery time (working days): 2 5 10
Offering price: from 15 000
to 50 000 rub
from 50 000
to 150 000 rub
from 150 000 rub



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