Creative strategy

Answers the question which idea we should come up with within communication.

In this product the agency tells how to complete set communication tasks with the help of various formats (banners, applications, sites, groups and so on). Creative strategy, as a rule, is ordered at the time of launching a new product and rebranding. Depending on product complexity, the agency provides proper amount of ideas, formats and the depth of their elaboration.


Options Easy Hard
Review of competitors' communication    
Pre-project research service (включает обзор конкурентов)    
Preconditions for creation of idea and communication examples    
Identification of a key problem at hypothesis level    
Review of the Russian and western cases    
Segmentation of target audience (up to 5 various profiles)    
Analysis of barriers and drivers of target audience    
The description of preconditions for making the creative platform on the basis of researches    
Base creative concepts on choice 1 idea 3 ideas
The description of mechanics of realization the idea for a banner, the application or the special project 3 scipts -
The description of realization's mechanisms of base idea in various formats (banners, sites, appendices, special projects) - up to 10 formats
Minimum graphic idea drawing    
Examples of slogans, statuses (not final copyright)    
Scheme of interaction of knots of campaign    
Description of streams' formation traffic within carrying out campaign    
Approximate budget of the project    
Forecasts on KPI    
Planned schedule    
Delivery time: 5 days 15 days
Price: 50 000 rub 300 000 rub



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