Reputational management

This product tackles tasks linked with analysis and information field adjustment.

The agency specialists use various kinds of software which show communication epicenters in blogs, social networks and news portals. This sort of analyses enable to draw up content plans, and influence agents to direct communication tonality to the required course. The product is used for product negative tonality correction or brand discussions, for users needs detection and instant reaction on them.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Analytics of content in blogs, forums and social networks (up to 20 platforms)      
Selection of the thick of communication up to 30 platforms from 30 to 50 platforms from 50 to 200 platforms
Development of work strategy and appeal manner      
Development of publication schedule      
Selection and training of impact agents      
Penetration impact agents up to 10 impact agents up to 20 impact agents up to 40 impact agents
Regular activity monitoring      
Providing reports      
Price (for one month): from 300 000
to 1 mil. rub
from 1 mil.
to 2 mil. rub
from 2 mil. rub



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