Lead Generation

These technologies allow immediate sales growth, as well as order payments and even payments on closed deals.

Their efficiency isn’t negatively affected by context advertising. Typically, products of this kind are ordered by e-commerce sites, banks, online games and businesses featuring a transparent model of product purchase or registration. We offer three products that vary in the amount of systems attached, and consequently, in the amount of orders to be received in a fixed period of time.


Options Easy Medium Hard
CPA systems 1 up to 5 up to 10
Testing before start      
Assessment of efficiency of Landing page of product / service      
The media plan with the predicted cost of a lead      
Manufacturing of advertising formats (up to 10 different formats)      
Integration of customer's systems and lidogenerator      
Setup of counters      
Analysis of last campaigns in category      
Placement on buying conditions of agency      
The wave reporting with use of technology of Mediatron      
Project management      
Delivery time: 3 5 7
Price: from  300 000
to 1 mil. rub
from 1 mil.
to 3 mil. rub
from 3 mil. rub



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