Advertisement in mobile applications:

These products enable to cover the audience of mobile applications and services.

IClassical banner media plan operates as well. Different products variants are created to cover more sites and use various special projects for advertisement placement.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Use of earlier created successful plans by category      
Banner placement in a network of mobile advertising with payment on cliques up to 10 positions , (,,,,, up to 10 positions up to 20 positions up to 20 positions
SMS mailing with targety on a sex, age and geography      
Special projects or integration - 1 special project 3 special projects or integration
Free development of mobile web-site version      
Placement on buying conditions of agency      
The wave reporting with use of technology of Mediatron      
Project management      
Delivery time (working days): 5 7
Price: from 150 000
to 500 000 rub

from 500 000
to 1 mil. rub

from 1 mil. rub




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