Media strategy

May be both tactical part of communication strategy and independent service.

Media strategy enables to evaluate accurately costs level and required media pressure amount for tasks completion. Media strategy due to correct impact frequency and qualitative resources selection can save up to 40% of advertising budget.


The description of digital profiles of all target segments of audience of the client (up to 5 profiles), and also characteristics as thematic targeting, a susceptibility to various media tools, frequency of presence in online  
Choice of target segments for influence in an advertising campaign  
Definition of a kernel of target audience and its expansion  
Analysis of activity of competitors in network (on the basis of advertizing campaigns of competitors flowing at the moment of the project)  
Analysis communications' history of a brand in online  
Recommendations about completion an offline creative for use in online (if necessary)  
Statement of media problems of campaign  
Selection of media tools  
Postulation of an etapnost of realization of media strategy  
Presentation of platforms and the media tools recommended for use in campaign  
Demonstration of adaptation of the creative concepts offered by the client for use in campaign  
Preliminary report on efficiency of the project (PRE-Campaign Analysis)  
The detailed media plan (including discounts, coverage, contact cost)  
Planned schedule  
Forecasts on KPI  
Delivery time: 15 days
Price: 150 000 rub



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