Online PR

It allows product placement in mass media as well as with opinion leaders.

It gives a clear understanding of what can be achieved within PR-support for the chosen product or service, how much it will cost and what results will be achieved. The products vary in the amount of publications, special projects, and audience reach at the sites.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Use of earlier created successful plans by category      
Analysis and creation of the inforeasons      
Placement of PR materials on web-sites in various formats on 10 web-sites on 20 web-sites on 30 web-sites
Announcements or posts at popular bloggers up to 10 positions up to 20 positions up to 30 positions
Cross posting in thematic communities up to 10 posts up to 20 posts up to 30 posts
Special projecs - 1 special project 3 special projects
Monitoring and correction of discussions      
Project management      
Delivery time: 3 5 7
Price: from 150 000
to 500 000 rub
from 500 000
to 1 mil. rub
from 1 mil. rub



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