Promotion Sites

A promotional site is typically used to launch a new product or to carry out a promotional campaign.

These sites make use of animation, interactive tasks and outstanding graphics. Additionally, these sites may also have video guides, flash quests, contests and games. The Agency offers three types of products that vary in the amount of animation, celebrity participation and various additional sections.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Selection the examples of the best cases      
Discription of concept 1 version 2 versions 3 versions
Detailed specification creation      
Design concept creation 1 version 2 versions 3 versions
Creation of design main and internal pages (количество уникальных разделов) 5 7 10
Animation up to 1 minute up to 3 minutes up to 3 minutes
Programming and imposition      
Shooting (HD-quality) - up to 5 minutes up to 5 minutes
Adaptation of client's content      
Creation and adaptation composed content (photo, text)      
Creation of composed content: interview, review;      
Creation additional interactive or promo-sections (the catalog, games etc.) - up to 5 sections up to 10 sections
Interactive video - - up to 10 minutes
"Stars" as leaders or actors      
Composed integration with client's services      
Supporting whithin 2 weeks      
Delivery time (working days): 15 20 25
Price: from 500 000
to 1 mil. rub
from 1 mil.
to 3 mil. rub
from 3 mil. rub



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