Groups and communities support

This product solves issues connected with support and updating of client’s company head quarters in blogs and social media.

The agency specialists elaborate detailed editorial plan on the basis of elaborated strategy. The editorial plan in question provides formats, particular posts for placements examples, types of contests and activities in community.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Creation the disign of group (1 version)      
Description of group's concept (1 version)      
Creation of the text of articles (up to 10 articles)      
Interview  - up to 3 in month up to 10 in month
Carrying out competitions  - - up to 3 in month
Carrying out pollings - - up to 3 in month
Visit of the journalist to the customer's object for collection of materials and content  - - up to 3 visits
Selection and placing photo- and videomaterials (up to 30 positions)      
Creation the menu of group      
Client's action announcement (up to 5 announcements a week)      
Publication of reports, photo, test-drives (up to 5 publications a week)      
Experts and impact agents work      
Moderation, removal spam-messages, answer the questions      
Analytics of works results      
Price: from 50 000
to 150 000 rub
from 150 000
to 500 000
from 500 000 rub



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