Website Support

This product is provided in order to fill content and maintain the client’s website.

The interviews conducted by our experts, as well as the data provided, serve as the basis for the content that underlies the editorial plan of site content. As a rule, this product has two stages basic content formation and support.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Making the plan of publication      
Preparing the text of articles (up to 10 articles, up to 10 thousands signes with space (approximately 4 pages А4)      
Selection and placing photo- and videomaterials (количество позиций) up to 30 up to 50 up to 50
Client's action announcement      
Publication of reports, photo, test-drives (количество публикаций в неделю) 1 3 3
Interview (amount per month) 1 4 8
Moderation, removal spam-messages, answer the questions      
Additional announcement by the agreement with client      
Price (for one month): from 100 000
to 300 000 rub.
from 300 000
to 1 mil. rub.
from 1 mil. rub.



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