Viral video

Viral video – is video advertisement format which came into being in the internet.

As a rule, viral video is created on the basis of such drivers as humor, sex, fear, intrigue. Its duration doesn’t go over 1 minute, such format allows to integrate brand into project content and thus to present it softly. Good viral video can gather up to 1 000 000 of views for a short period of time which ensures to the customer minimal contact cost and good coverage.


Options Easy Medium Hard
Script of moodboard, visual presentation of disign project (1 version)      
Casting of models      
Selection of the platform for shootings      
Selection of the details      
Shootings, editing, dubbling      
Duration of reel  up to 2 minutes up to 5 minutes up to 5 minutes
3D-animation's duration up to 1 minute      
Shootings with "stars"      
Delivery time (working days): 15 30 45
Price: from 500 000
to 1,5 mil. rub
from 1,5
to 3 mil. rub
from 3 mil. rub



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