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to the office”

with Alexander


Aims of the

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To organise a coverage project in order to attract audience attention to the problem of vitamin D3 deficiency.



25-45 y.o.

Mainly women, since usually they are the ones who buy medicine for family members

The solution
we offered

Solution 1

To hold a covering special project on the HeadHunter platform. hh.ru has proven and quality coverage of the audience with the “office worker” behaviour profile

Solution 2

To attract audience by using the acting of Alexander Gudkov, to communicate important information in a humorous way by using office worker models that are close to the target audience. The brand appears to be light, sunny and that’s exactly why the team decided to use humour to elaborate on the problem without making everything look difficult

Solution 3

To talk about difficult things using simple language, the language that the audience understands. The test to see how much D3 vitamin a user has and the ability to share your result on social media increased the level of communication with the user

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Based on the insights, we came to the conclusion that our audience knows little about the effectiveness of the D3 vitamin and of the symptoms that a person has if they lack it. That’s why we decided to use Alexander Gudkov’s great acting skills so as to illustrate the symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency. We came up with four composite characters that represent typical office workers, and the actor played each one of them. The reason we decided to use these characters and the hh.ru platform is that the majority of our target audience are office workers

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Technologically our distinctive feature was the use of a 360 camera for creating a panoramic office view so as to increase user interaction and humour, since all of the main characters were played by the same person

How was it

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We filmed 4 videos with Alexander Gudkov. A landing page with a 360 office panorama, a unique test the results of which can be shared in social media. Additionally, videos were being promoted via MyTarget in order to receive extra target reach of the audience



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25 492 857


100 380

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