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June 2018 – November 2019

«Centr-Invest» JSC

RC FoRest

Project launch and monthly work to
attract targeted calls to the call center


Tasks of advertising campaign

  • Attracting the maximum number of targeted calls at the beginning and during the implementation process of the project stages

  • Growth of recognition of the object and its image at the beginning of sales

  • Reduction of cost of targeted requests

  • Implementation of the deals plan


Target audience


Young families with children, from Moscow, 30+ years

They would like to live within Moscow’s old town, but in a comfortable new building. The standard of living is essential for them, but they don't want to overpay for housing closer to the center. they lead an active lifestyle and like to spend their free time in parks. They have at least one in the family.

Singles, Moscow, 25+ years

The residential complex has one-room apartments and studios, not as relevant for families as for singles.


What solution did we offer

At the start of the project:

  • To implement a placement on large thematic resources for the sale of real estate, aimed at receiving targeted calls to the call center.
  • In order to receive targeted calls to the call center the estate ad was put on large thematic real estate sales sources such platforms with wide coverage of target audience as Mail.ru network sites, news portals and programmatic buying were used.
  • In order to handle the emerging demand, contextual advertising was launched on Yandex and Google.

During project management:

  • A monthly analysis of the platforms effectiveness is carried out.
  • 99% of platforms providing deals are used in the media plan, + 1% is new sites’ tests.
  • A split of instruments that gives the lowest possible CPA with the highest CR from call to trade is used.

Our results


Successful start of the project

KPI on calls was overfulfiled on calls by 40% in the first month due to the competent setting of the advertising campaign and a well-developed targeting strategy, which made it possible to fulfill the two-month sales plan of lots in less than a month.

Start of sales. July 2018

case case case
sales start

CALL DYNAMICS 2018-2019*

graph graph note

* Advertising campaign didn't start in august 2018

forest line

Due to the regular analysis, a pool of platforms that give the maximum number of bookings and deals was developed.It allows to fulfill and overfulfill the sales plan each month.

Project team


Evgeniy Sergeev

Account director


Inna Cherepanina

Account manager


Nikita Artemov

Group head of media
planning department


Ekaterina Larina

advertising manager

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