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D-MAX pickup promotion
and announcement of special purchasing terms


Client’s task

The main objective was to increase brand awareness and announce new promo events and special terms for Isuzu D-MAX purchasing.


Target audience

Male: 30-60 years old, living in large Russian cities, with or without family, interested in hunting, fishing, building, sports and outdoor activities.


The solution we offered

We decided to use instrument split - display, contextual, targeted advertising in social media.

In the display advertising campaign, we decided to place ads on specialized resource - Drom.ru and to use programmatic and Google DoubleClick.

In contextual search it was decided to use search engines, Google Ads and Yandex.Direct.

Text and graphic ads in social media (Vkontakte, Facebook, myTarget).

Why we chose
this solution

We found out special platforms according to narrow target audience. Chosen programmatic and media instruments showed good results and helped to get our target audience

The choice of the paid search tools was made according to their effectiveness in the following criteria:

low cost



Opportunity to show ads to the large target audience with the help of age, sex and interest targeting

Our results


graph1 graph2 graph3 graph4


All planned KPI were achieved during the reporting period.

Huge click amount was received from YandexDirect. More qualitative traffic was received from Google Ads. It should be mentioned that in the given advertising campaign the qualitative data of the Google Display Network and Yandex Advertising Network campaigns is comparable to the same kind of data in the search engine campaigns which shows users interest and creativity's effectiveness in the given advertising campaign.

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Our project manager’s opinion


Isuzu gave us the task to post promotion information about D-max as effectively and as precisely as possible. We used settings in our campaign that helped segment audience and transfer information to target audience.

Kochunova Anastasia,
Junior Account manager

Client’s opinion

of our work, our service and results of the advertising campaign.


All in all the campaign was successful, traffic and leads from isuzu.ru website doubled, pickup sales increased, too. I think it happened due to a number of factors: the discount, online campaign and radio advertising.

We thank Nectarin team for the successful project, correct approach to their work and their client service. We are sure that many interesting tasks and projects await us in future and we will be happy to work with Nectarin again.

Bolnokina Eugenia,
Head of marketing, advertising and PR dept. «ISUZU RUS» JSC

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