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digital strategy of Polisorb
drug promotion

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Aims of the client

in sales growth

Aims of the advertising campaign

Personalization of communication with Target Audience


Attraction of new TA, increase of purchase frequency

family man

Target audience

Women 25-35 y.o.

(in civil marriage or family, pregnant/with children, main buyers for the whole family)

Men 18-35 y.o.

(the youth, office employers, fishermen, hunters, drivers, etc., who are allowed to consume alcohol)

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Solution that we proposed

Seasonal and behavioral triggers were outlined in one-year section on the problematique basis: 8 audiences and 9 problems. This method allowed distributing media pressure in order to communicate with each segment of TA at the moment of problem actualization.

Why we choose this solution

To make the communication personalized, it is necessary to execute relevant and precise cooperation with the audience, keeping the uniform stylistics of the brand. This is the only way we can make a user understand that the brand has created a message «personally for them».

Features of this solution

Each tool and platform were also selected with the aim of attracting audience of our interest respective to problematiques. For example, such illnesses as food poisoning or toxaemia are not long-term problems, therefore, it was necessary to select mechanisms that quickly update audience data.

Personalized creative ideas were prepared per each segment and problematique.

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Our manager's opinion

Polisorb advertising campaign is quite a large-scale project. You would ask how an advertising campaign in pharmaceutical industry could be diversified under constant limitations.However, we use over 15 tools and platforms each month and constantly update them. The feature of the project is personalized communication with the audience, which supposes wide reach with relevant message.

Goltelova Ekaterina, Senior Account Manager.

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Client's opinion

I am grateful to the Nectarine advertising agency team, with which we conducted multifaceted work in the digital environment as part of the summer advertising campaign in Russia. I note good customer service and the willingness to build close communication for complete immersion in a medical product and its specific promotion features for our company; attention to detail, willingness to be constantly in touch and give support in a variety of issues.

Bykova Elena, marketing and PR director "Polisorb" JSC

Team of the project

Account team


Ekaterina Chegodayeva,

Account Director


Ekaterina Goltelova,

Senior Account Manager


Anna Pronina,

Junior Account Manager



Valeriy Novikov,

Head of Strategic Department


Pavel Kuznetsov,

Media Planner Group Head


Alexandra Lakhtarina,

Junior Media Planner

Contextual promotion


Margarita Miroshkina,

Contextual Advertising Deputy Director


Evgeniya Vavilkina,

Contextual Advertising Manager


Igor Buyerin,

Contextual Advertising Manager



Dmitry Pertsov,

Group head


Alexander Osipov,




Evgeny Kanishchev,

Head of Production Department


Sergey Ryabushko,

Senior Project Manager

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