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Sergey Komarov
Executive Director /
Client Service Director
Advertising banking services expert


We buy advertising that leads to real customers, and not just to applications.

Banks come to us with the task of generating applications and calls for banking products: loans, issuance of plastic cards, CAS …

In the advertising campaigns of banks, we build end-to-end analytics that allows you to conduct a constant analysis of the conversion at all stages: from the page visitor to the actual bank client. At the same time, we analyze both online applications and phone calls.

The best result is to set up a link between Google Analytics and CRM Bank. In this case, we see a direct link between the shows (clicks) in advertising and the contracts signing in the bank. As a result, we buy advertising that leads to real customers, not just to application forms.

What tasks of the client do we solve?

  • Stimulate loans granting loans to natural and legal persons
  • Encourage information gathering for the deposits portfolios
  • Stimulate the issuance of credit and debit cards
  • Promote of Bank's services for legal entities
  • Integrated promotion of the Bank new products

What do we do

  • Complex strategies and campaigns on the Internet, aimed at contracting, most commonly such tools as media advertising, contextual advertising, advertising on social media, programmatic procurements are used.
  • Creative strategies for promoting banking products. We see how an a precise hit in the target audience can reduce the cost of attracting a new customer.

What KPIs we check on

  • Number of applications
  • Conversion to the Bank's customers (in number of contracts)
  • Cost per one application per each channel for attracting
  • The cost of attracting to the application and the contract with the bank