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Olga Mordan
Account Director


There is one thing - you should make everything in style and with a bang!

Beauty brands give us the task of increasing sales of their products in the retail network. The modern Internet is great for solving this problem.

There is one thing - you should make everything in style and with a bang! This sets high demands on the production process, while strictly observing the brand book. Everything has to be verified to the smallest detail..

The second side of success is the correctly selected c2c mechanics of projects, in which we involve buyers.


A feature of the campaigns for the Beauty direction is a large number of C2C mechanics, contest activations and UGC content. Female audience is interested in cosmetics, so it is necessary to be able to involve them to buy a product. For this purpose, advertising campaigns are conducted with the use of the shotgun approach and referral mechanics

What clients’ tasks do we tackle?

  • Brand reinforcement on the market
  • Announcing the release of a new product
  • Brand awareness among the target audience
  • Sales promotion
  • Increasing brand loyalty

What do we do?

Integrated strategies in the Digital, aimed at achieving the client’s goals and objectives. The products of the Agency are quite often precisely full-fledged communication strategies.

What KPIs we check on:

  • outreach to the target audience
  • cost per an outreached representative of the target audience
  • cost of a placed order in the online store.