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Sergey Komarov
Executive Director /
Client Service Director
Automobiles advertising expert


It is important to come up with non-standard ways of showing a buyer the advantages of the model.

Auto brands turn to us with the task of launching new models, and it is crucial to come up with non-standard ways to bring the advantages of a new model to the buyer.

The second task for an auto brand is to increase the loyal audience of the brand. The best tool for this is social media and YouTube. When running an automobile brand on a social network, it is important to be able to exquisitely connect entertainment content with the right messages from the brand itself.

We do online advertising for auto dealers that generates users’ records on a test drive and targeted calls (calls and online applications) regarding the cars purchase

It is necessary to carry out special projects

At least once every few months, special projects need to be carried out, as general involvement falling and, in general, the interest of the audience is reducing.

The production of videos for social networks has its own peculiarities it is fundamentally important to interact with the communities audience, attract leaders’ opinions and more informal approach.

What clients’ tasks do we tackle?

  • Increase loyalty as current owners
  • Sign up for a test drive
  • Potential customers’ interest in the models
  • Announcing the release of new models
  • Generating customer calls to the call center of the car dealership centre

What do we do?

  • Сampaign performance
  • Website creating
  • Full-time social network activity
  • Set contextual advertising
  • Carry out special projects
  • Carry out complex advertising campaigns
  • Shoot videos