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Aleksandra Breus
Account Director


In Russia, we have accumulated the largest expertise in advertising movies in Digital

In 12 years we have conducted more than 420 advertising campaigns for cinema and digital film releases!

We know what the Ticket box forecast is and how to put it trough.

We work in a tight pre-release timing and are able to plan activities in a way to earn box office in the first three weekends of the release.


  • - correctly create an online-mix based on marketing objectives. For instance, the film “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” got 21% of free coverage, due to users’ activity on social networks. This happened because of the competent use of C2C mechanics.
  • - be able to clearly set marketing objectives for the digital. If the release is without through TV advertising, the main task is targeted coverage. If the release is supported on TV, then the issue in the digital is hype on social media, involvement in communication and pre-order tickets.
  • - correctly create an online mix based on marketing objectives. For example, C2C mechanics gives excellent results to solve the problem of organic coverage due to user activity. So, it gave “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” movie more than 20% of free coverage due to user activity on social networks in addition to the paid campaign coverage.
  • - competently plan the schedule of advertising activities, tied to the release weekend of the motion picture. Breakdown and postponements of activities are unacceptable. You miss the deadline means you fail the release!
  • - be able to generate creative ideas corresponding to the communication brief and working on the idea of the film with their mechanics.

KPIs that we check on:

  • trailing: number of views, VTR, over 50% of those who have watched till the end, CPView
  • inclusive image campaign: coverage, CPM, CPT
  • campaign aimed at engaging users: ER on social media, BR on the film website, activity organic coverage supporting pre-order (traffic amount, CPC, CPV, CPA, CPO)