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FMCG goods

Olga Mordan’
Account Director

FMCG goods

It is the specificity of the product that determines which Internet tools we use.

In the FMCG segment, the role of the emotional component is very high. Competition is huge and the result of influence on the consumer depends on the brightness of creative solutions. Creative that "catches" the consumer in the right feelings and emotions leads to targeted actions and the implementation of the KPIs of an advertising campaign.

It is worth noting that in the promotion of FMCG there are no routine decisions. For each product or good there is a need in individual approach.

  • If this is a «check-till» item, it is difficult to work for fast direct sales, and we focus on the mechanics of the project which will simultaneously make a large coverage of the target audience and attract a lot of participants. Then the buyer at the cash register in the store chooses our product. For example, we did the same thing in advertising batteries. It is necessary to add a combination of online and offline mechanics to this, so that communication is not only virtual but also physical.
  • If we are talking about "on the shelf" products with good distribution, especially if the products are "listed" in almost all major online stores and there is an opportunity to buy online. As for example, in the category "cosmetics and perfumes", then we are tied to the cost of the transition to the e-shop and the cost of the order in it.

What clients’ tasks do we tackle?

  • new product launch
  • product repositioning
  • sales promotion
  • strengthening the brand's niche on the market
  • increasing knowledge about the brand among the targeted audience

What do we do?

An integrated strategy in Digital aimed to achieve the goals and objectives of the client. Often the product of the Agency is a full-fledged communication Internet-strategies for the brand.

KPI that we check on:

  • coverage of the target audience
  • cost of the covered user