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Ekaterina Chegodaeva
Account Director
Pharmaceutical Advertising Expert


In the advertisement for the drugs almost nothing is impossible!

You cannot openly recommend the drug on the Internet, the brand cannot sell the drug on the Internet, the site is prohibited in contextual advertising if it has a buy button. However, the Internet is an area where advertising opportunities are still greater than in traditional media. And, on a federal scale.

It is possible to conduct on-line webinars of training nature there, media-contextual placement with work on the result, to create digital-manuals for doctors, to collect feedback about drugs from patients, etc.

We work on two distinct segments

Doctors / pharmacists

Having access to the database of doctors, you can build a direct contact with them.

Final buyers

To work with patients, we use: online webinars, direct advertising on thematic websites, search advertising on patient requests, video courses and educational portals, monitoring of drug mention, and work with patient reviews.

What clients’ tasks do we tackle?

  • form an e-mail database of doctors of the desired profile
  • we bring to market a new drug
  • Generating customer calls to the car dealer’s call center
  • monitor and adjust the opinion of consumers about the drug
  • increase knowledge about the drug (or the whole category)
  • collect a segment of potential buyers and work with them

KPIs that we check on

  • on the drug's website we analyze: Bounce Rate, time spent on the website, number of pages viewed, video views
  • coverage in the advertising campaign, the number of doctors’ registrations and end consumers
  • number of doctor's appointments
  • number of interactions on the drug page
  • number of doctors' registrations