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Real estate

Sergey Komarov
Executive Director /
Client Service Director
Real estate advertising expert

Real estate

The advertising of the property should bring in the buyers!

Property owners come to us with the task of generating phone calls and real buyers. Our advertisers are interested in launching and setting up advertising tools capable of selling square meters in specific real estate objects.

To evaluate advertising tools, we make daily in-depth analytics of incoming traffic to the site and analyze the content of telephone conversations with customers. Advertising of the property should bring in the buyers! It either does or does not — this is the only correct criterion for evaluating its effectiveness.

In our work we use

Complex Internet strategies aimed at attracting real estate buyers. For this we use: difficult-configured contextual campaigns, programmatic purchasing of media advertising, social network with needed targetings for TA, and other tools.

The client call-tracking systems or we installed Call Touch or CoMagic
Listening to calls, we check the quality of incoming applications, resulting in that:

  • we instantly disable unfair traffic sources
  • we cut unconversional tools and broken placement formats
  • we better understand the needs of people, who are preparing to make a purchase and use this information in promotional materials

What clients’ tasks do we tackle

  • maximizing contact frequency (image placements and Social Media marketing) in order to increase sales
  • collecting a database of potential buyers loyal to the developer, again-in order to increase sales
  • increase in sales