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Retail chains

Milena Mikhailenko
Account Director

Retail chains

Our main goal is to return the buyer to the store!

Internet activity for retail chains is very specific. Our main goal is to return the buyer to the store!

To solve this problem we use competitive and C2C mechanics. They give great coverage and good engagement. This is advantageous in terms of cost /result.

Two more tasks are to maintain interest in the brand and increase loyalty. And here is the main tool - social media. In work, we clearly distinguish regional stores and their buyers. When the brand has 57 stores in 43 cities, it requires a certain SMM strategy.


  • the Agency should be able to work in the mode of ongoing promotions and special projects. We usually hold 15 promotions and projects per week, with sales conditions updated every 1-2 weeks. We build a clear work schedule, both within the Agency and between the brand and the Agency. This allows you to avoid mistakes and fails that buyers so negatively react to.
  • up to 40% of the budget is spent on brand recognition, increasing loyalty and interest in it. We measure the coverage of the target audience, see what hobbies are typical for the audience of the brand network and correspond to its values, for example, family, business, friends, environment, support.
  • on social networks, the brand is obliged to respond quickly and clearly to buyers’ complaints and claims. To do this, we build and maintain constant communication of the retail chain and its customers. Each buyer should receive a prompt response to their request, or just a comment. Such work is necessary and always improves the credibility of the brand network.
  • We must constantly conduct contests and activities using C2C mechanics. For retail, this is the main means of maintaining engagement.

What we do

  • announce promotions, conduct special projects on C2C mechanics, support loyalty programmes
  • work with the consumer's opinion about the retail chain and its individual stores
  • we solve image problems, such as increasing the level of brand knowledge, strengthening the brand position in the market


  • we create communication and media strategies aimed at solving the client’s business problems
  • conduct complex advertising constructions on the Internet
  • run the brand public groups on social media
  • conduct reputation management

KPI that we check on:

  • targeted audience coverage
  • targeted audience contact cost
  • targeted audience engagement