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Generates the idea of an advertising message, which will be remembered not only by the target audience, but also by the whole world.
Aleksandra Breus
Эксперт в рекламе недвижимости

Creative Concept

At the heart of any successful advertising campaign is a bright, relevant to the audience idea. If media or contextual solutions bring a right user to the right address, then the creative (content) solution will form in their head the emotion we need and, as a result, the need for a product or service.

We develop creative concepts of any complexity, because the idea can live in a separate performance banner, and in the multi-stage smart communication of the brand with different segments of its audience in different digital channels. Creative concept can include: description of the creative idea, slogan of the advertising campaign, ideas of the site, lending or special projects, visual and text design and other elements. Following the acceptance of the creative concept, its structure and sketches of promotional materials are transferred to the production department of the Agency, where high-end products are created.

Online Video

OLV (online video) format confidently takes a leading position in the media mix of many advertisers. This dynamic format without rigid timing limits will convey in the best way the rational benefits of your proposal and help build the desired brand image. We will develop a script for online video of any complexity and control the entire creation of the final product: from the first shot-by-shot breakdown to the post-production period.

Galina Blanka