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Identify the necessary frequency and formats of the placement for the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
Alexey Gertsik
Advertising expert

Media strategy

The primary goal of an advertising campaign is to deliver a message to a potential consumer. This cannot be done without answering a few questions: who are the consumers? How do they behave online? Where can we find them? How can we contact them? How much will it cost? The media strategy that we create during the preparation of product promotion will answer these questions and lead us to the next stage: creating an accurate and effective media plan.

Media plan

The media plan is not just a list of spaces where advertising is planned. With the help of the media plan, we will know the purchase volume of the selected formats, frequency of contact with the audience, the number of transitions from advertising to the landing page and conversion into the targeted action. Among other things, the media plan is a financial document that fixes all forthcoming expenses and shows the financial effectiveness of each instrument and the entire campaign as a whole.


Galina Blanka