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Knows how to instantly increase sales of any product.
Margarita Miroshkina
Head of St. Petersburg department

Traffic Audit

Unfortunately, no advertiser is immune to a failure in the campaign performance. In such situation, it is important to find the source of the failure as quick as possible and take measures to eliminate it. In our experience, a significant part of this kind of cases occurs as a result of attracting non-targeted traffic sources. That's why we offer our clients an audit of incoming traffic that will allow us to identify quickly weak sides of used Internet channels, identify non-targeted traffic sources and optimize your advertising campaigns in order to achieve the maximum result.

Content Audit

The quality of content is another important indicator of a successful campaign performance. The audit of the content component allows us to assess the quality of the contents of websites, advertising materials and posts on social networks, to reveal how the presented content meets business objectives and works to convert traffic. The result of the audit is a conclusion with the identification of the strong and weak sides of the verification object and recommendations for adjusting the elements of the advertising campaign.



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