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Alexey Gertsik
Advertising expert


Social listening, aka brand mention monitoring, is an invaluable tool in increasing the loyalty of your customers. At any time in the online space, a negative feedback or comment about your brand may appear– it should not remain unanswered! By ordering a brand mention monitoring service from us, you will receive full and timely information on all mentions of your brand on social networks, feedback, forums, blogs, and media on a regular basis and neutralize any potential negative with the help of timely responses.

Landing Page

The landing page of the project. The name of the page is explained by its purpose: the main purpose of Landing Page is to collect contact information of the target audience. We will produce the target page of the project in the optimal time in accordance with your corporate style, creative idea of the project and the necessary functionality.


Website is the brand face and the main digital tool for building your company's image and communication with the target audience. Its design, functionality and ease of use are the key factors for us as developers, because these qualities will allow us to keep the user on our site for as long as possible.

Promotional website

Promotional website is, as a rule, a simple, but bright and memorable page, the purpose of which is to attract the attention of the audience to the action, the current special offer or any other advertising campaign. That is why our main task is to produce the brightest and easiest to use the resource that will allow the user to carry out the target action in 2-3 clicks.

Mobile app

Very often not all tasks can be implemented by creating a website, and at this a mobile application comes to the assistance. It has advanced functional features such as geolocation, camera, the ability to work without the Internet, quickly informing users through notifications and other advantages. We will create an application of any complexity and adapt it to the necessary standards and mobile formats.

SMM apps

This is your company application integrated into social networks: games of various complexity, information applications and other additions that can attract the attention of the target audience, interest them and encourage them to search for information about the brand, product or service. In the application, we can embed a banner leading to the Landing Page, a promotional website or a company website, application forms that will be integrated with your CRM system and much more.

Format of video ads and viral videos

Video advertising deservedly occupies a leading position among all the tools, which is why the requirements for the quality of video clips are especially high. Small product videos are produced by internal specialists of the Agency, which is especially appreciated by our SMM customers, because we can quickly post unique video stories in the brand communities. As for more serious tasks, such as game videos, we use the services of accredited contractors and take care of the entire production process, from the creation of the script by the Creative Department to the finished video clip on the technical requirements of the website on which it is placed.


A familiar and effective way of visual communication with a potential consumer. Bright, contrasting banner allows us to successfully deliver the message, often without further user's path to the project page. This is especially useful in a limited time for preparation of an advertising campaign. We produce banners with the help from our internal specialists, which allows us to respond quickly to comments and make changes, thereby making the launch of the campaign even more mobile. To date, banners can have a variety of functionality: from the video component to interactive communication with the user.