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Identifies the most effective social networks and ways of promotion.
Marina Zrilova
Head of St. Petersburg department


Social networks are the full-fledged media channel, through which we solve the communication tasks of our clients. Therefore, the starting point of any brand integration into the content of social networks is the development of a SMM strategy. The peculiarity of this channel is that each brand competes not with other brands, but with the content of other users and entertainment resources, that is why SMM strategy is a unique document in which we will formulate and offer to position of your community, content strategy, plan for promotion and a number of additional activations, including ideas for special projects, activations with the participation of bloggers and / or relevant popular public, and, of course, a feedback scheme.

Media plan

As a result of the agreed strategy, we develop a media plan for the advertising campaign on social networks. This document includes a description of tools for promotion on social media, KPIs, the cost of all types of work and the timing of their implementation.

Reputation management

With the popularization of social networks, we have at our disposal a great media channel that allows you to quickly and effectively build inclusive advertising campaigns. The flip side of this luck is the rapid spread of negative reviews among users. That is why we pay great attention to reputation management: the strategy of perception formation and brand image in the network. In this service, we include monitoring of references to your brand, schemes of work with the negative in the social space and a proposal to increase the number of positive reviews.

Special project with bloggers

Special projects with the participation of bloggers allow us to maximize the nativeness of the advertising campaign, which means the highest degree of audience confidence in our advertising message. That is why our Agency pays special attention to working with bloggers. An experienced team will develop a creative idea of blog integration and select bloggers candidates relevant to the set goals. In addition, the proposal for a special project includes a detailed description of the mechanics, statistics of the proposed channels and a media plan with KPI and budget.

Brand mention monitoring

Social listening, aka brand mention monitoring, is an invaluable tool in increasing the loyalty of your customers. At any time in the online space, a negative feedback or comment about your brand may appear– it should not remain unanswered! By ordering a brand mention monitoring service from us, you will receive full and timely information on all mentions of your brand on social networks, "feedback", forums, blogs, and media on a regular basis and neutralize any potential negative with the help of timely responses.


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