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Builds a step-by-step strategy for an advertising campaign that will lead to the achievement of the set goals.
Alexey Gertsik

Context Strategy

At the heart of any contextual campaign that we carry out, there are strategic decisions. First, they allow us to determine, and then successfully achieve the specified KPIs. That's why we call ourselves a performance agency: the agency that works to achieve the goals set in the KPI strategy. You just need to decide on business objectives, and we interpret them for marketing purposes and offer you the best tools to achieve them. Based on the results of the contextual strategy approved by the parties, a media plan will be developed, including KPI and cost.

MP for Contextual advertising

It is the correct media plan that will allow us to achieve the goals set in the contextual strategy. As a result of the development of the media plan, you will receive a document that includes a detailed description of the recommended promotion tools, the efficiency of the capacity of each channel, the main KPIs and the cost of achieving them. We work with all the tools of contextual advertising: YandexDirect, Google Adwords, Google Merchant, targeted advertising on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Vk, Targetmail, Llinkedin, and remarketing.



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